Training Company Website: i2-Training


Create a site that surpassed all other competitor sites in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. The site would need to help establish the business, convey a professional image, and help with business functions as much as possible to bring real business value.


Without full control of the design it was hard to surpass the competition aesthetically. However, the site was still well received due to the large feature-set we managed to implement, some of the more prominent ones include:
– Integration with the Administrate platform
– Custom course listing sliders and booking forms
– Custom course search engine
– A completely bespoke ‘Trainee Management System’ with sortable, modifiable tables, editable by uploading CSV files, downloadable records and more.

Project Highlight

Greatly reducing the workload for both i2-Training staff and their customers when it comes to tracking trainees and allowing them to book courses.

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