1. By purchasing a hosting package you are pre-authorising payments to The Developer and agree to the GoCardless terms & conditions: (


As part of our Coding with Integrity initiative, for all materials, unless stated otherwise specifically in contract, we (The Developer) afford our clients/partners/customers full copyright over any software (including full source-code, development, and live repositories), imagery (including raw), footage (including raw), and other assets generated by us for them.

This copyright stance, as adopted by an increasing number of software and media houses, should reassure our clients that they not only own everything we produce for them, but the full rights to edit and redistribute as they wish.

They are then the copyright holders, and as in the case of several of our NPO clients, they can effectively abandon the copyright gifting usage to anyone, via maintaining a non-procedure approach, or a Creative Commons waiver.

This is a common concern amongst many of our larger clients who wish to repurpose software, imagery, and footage, and our stance gives them the full ability to do that, without incurring any extra effort or costs on their part.