This was an experiment we created a while ago, after Duo’s ever sharp eye caught a rise in the usage of the ‘parallax‘ effect in websites to give an appearance of depth. This effect can be emulated by moving layers of objects at varied speeds, and when controlled by the natural scrolling of a web-page, creates an effective aesthetic for promoting whatever you wish.

parallax website


Duo created the visual in Adobe Illustrator and forwarded on the file with explanations of how they’d like each slide to behave when scrolled. I used fairly standard front-end techniques to manipulate their de-constructed imagery into something which helps emphasise how well some things work together. Take a look and scroll down slowly:

Note: Due to this being a bit of fun, we didn’t create a mobile version, and it’s designed to work on landscape only orientations.

parallax website

Project Highlight:

Creating something cool just for fun.